COS × Olivier van Herpt

Ceramic vessels inspired by COS’ Spring Summer collection


Dutch designer Olivier van Herpt combines cutting-edge technology with natural materials to create intricately textured ceramic vessels. Based in Eindhoven, he has developed pioneering 3D printing and digital fabrication methods honed by years of research and experimentation.

In a special commission for COS, Olivier has created a series of five vases using his custom-designed 3D printer, currently on display at the stores of Stockholm’s Biblioteksgatan, Berlin’s Neue Schönhauser Strasse, London’s Regent Street, in Rotterdam’s Dreamhouse and on New York’s Fifth Avenue accompanied by process pictures featured in the store windows.

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COS 3D printed vases

Image: COS

Ceramic 3D Printer

Image: COS

3D Printed vase COS

Image: COS

COS clay 3d printing

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