3D Dripping

Inspired by natural structures and processes

By developing the 3D Dripping process I wanted to create a new 3D printing process that encapsulated within itself contained random elements. I was inspired by natural structures and processes especially the creation of stalagmites and stalactites. I wanted to mimic this process by creating unique objects out of paraffin. To do this I developed a machine that could create pieces by computer controlled heating and dripping of paraffin. The drops fall down randomly. The object is rotated on a build platform beneath the extruder and a fan cools down the paraffin. The core mechanism is similar to the natural process of stalagmite creation in caves through the dripping of precipitate from the ceiling.

The melt of the paraffin is controlled but at the same time the process has many variables that ensure that it is largely random and that every object is unique. The cascade of thousands of drops falling one on top of another creates cascades of randomness which create the object. Finished objects may be used as candles. Using lost wax casting an object created by this process can be cast into metal and become functional.

Year: 2011

3D dripping