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Château Perrier

A Banquet of Wonders, Delighting in the World

Épernay, Sept 16 - Dec 11, 2023

Maison Perrier-Jouët is delighted to present its first museum exhibition: “A Banquet of Wonders, Delighting in the World”, which is envisioned as a journey through the history of its own collections and those of its co-producer, the Museum of Champagne Wine and Regional Archaeology in Epernay. This landmark event builds on the cultural dimension of the House, whose artistic heritage spans more than 200 years, from its foundation to its contemporary collaborations.

Set in two hundred square metres of space at the Château Perrier, “A Banquet of Wonders, Delighting in the World” brings together pieces from the 17th century and the Art Nouveau period, contemporary creations, and loans from museums and private collectors. A dialogue emerges between these different artefacts, from different eras, which all have a relationship to nature and contribute to the enchantment of our world. The exhibition focuses on the dynamics of living, sharing, transmission and engagement.

A Banquet of Wonders, Delighting in the World

Exhibition view at Château Perrier, showcasing a piece from the Adaptive Manufacturing series.

Photography: © Perrier-Jouët

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