Architectural Ceramics


Housing association Ymere commissioned Olivier to make 3D printed pieces to aid in a renovation project. The functional pieces were the first serially produced 3D Printed ceramic architectural pieces to be used for the 9 buildings. The aim was to add value to the architectural restoration through pieces with both a high utility and beauty.

Architectural Ceramics

A mailbox cover was chosen to create a link between the interior and exterior of the buildings. For each resident the personal interaction with the mailboxes for the 216 residences was an important aspect of picking this part of the building for the subject of this 3D printed part. Each ceramic mailbox has the house numbers and a single slot with added protection from rain through a drip bar.

Year: 2020

3D printed mailbox
Ceramics in architecture
3D printing architecture
3D printing ceramics architecture

Photography: N / J Studio