The Sediment series features a variety of textures and forms. The creation of these pieces begins with a careful selection of clays with various properties, such as plasticity and shrinkage rates. The clays are meticulously layered on top of one another, creating an effect that mimics the earth's natural sedimentation process. The end result is a one-of-a-kind piece that embodies nature's beauty, with each layer representing a different stage in the formation process.

Year: 2015

3D printing ceramics Olivier in his studio, 2016
Sediment organic Organic, earthenware, 2015
Sediment layers Detail of Geometric, earthenware, 2015
Sediment clay Six different types of clay mixed together
Sediment series Geometric, Organic and Complex, 2016
x Salt, earthenware, 2016
x Pebble, earthenware, 2016