Solid Vibrations

Solid Vibrations is a collaboration between Ricky van Broekhoven and Olivier van Herpt. Ricky specializes in sound design. His projects are often landscapes of noise that live briefly in the mind. To combine the temporal sound driven nature of his work with 3D Printing would let noisescapes become things.

A moment in time, a song a sound, they can now become objects that encapsulate the moment forever. Vibrations turned into shapes by the 3D Printer. A specially constructed speaker rig mounted below the build platform produces very low sound. These amplify and create moiré patterns on the ceramic 3D printer.

Olivier had noted previously that the printer produced Moiré patterns naturally. This error was an interesting one. Rather than eliminate it, he turned to sound designer Ricky and teamed up with him to see if they could make objects from sound waves.

Year: 2015

Moiré effect in 3D printed ceramic object, 2015 Photo: Ralph Roelse