Colorful White

With Colorful White, Olivier experimented with giving the objects a motion blur effect that made them look as if they were moving even though they were sitting still. Through variations in pigment and print settings one single red color could appear both bright and muted, matte and almost translucent all in the same layer. The technique used and the effect is similar to the ikat technique where resist is applied to the yarn used to create died patterns that are characteristically blurry. All the objects in this series are simple cylinders, the classic shape letting the colorful adornment take center stage.

New techniques for coloring 3d printed ceramics were developed specifically for the Colorful White series. Pigments were created, tested, and prepared. These pigments were then added to the white porcelain body so that vibrant colors could shine from within the porcelain. Forrest green, vibrant blues, bright reds were just some of the colors possible through this process.

Year: 2017

Colorful White porcelain
Colorful White porcelain
Colorful White ceramics